Paisley Partners Inc. believes in giving back to the community:


Carpenter Hospice

The Carpenter Hospice is a home that provides palliative care to their residents who are in the final stages of their lives and offers community programs for grieving family members. The hospice is run by dedicated volunteers and staff who work to meet the needs of the residents’ and their families as well as to provide a comfortable and peaceful environment for all. The Carpenter Hospice solely operates off of donations and fundraising initiatives made by the community and we as a sponsor are proud to support them.

GROWMARK Agricultural Scholarship Program

Paisley Partners Inc. are proud to support the GROMARK Foundation. Each year, the GROWMARK Foundation offers a $1,500 scholarship program for students in the United States and Ontario, Canada, pursing two or four year degrees or trade school certification in an agriculture-related field. Applicants complete an online application which includes academic information, community service and leadership activities, and essay questions regarding agriculture and cooperatives. High school seniors or students at any level of higher education may complete the application. More information can be found at:

Huron Bay Co-op 70th Anniversary Bursary

Paisley Partners Inc. in partnership with Huron Bay Co-op offer five bursaries annually of $500 each to applicants who fall under the following criteria:

  • Parent(s) must be member(s) of Huron Bay Co-operative Inc.
  • Reside in Huron Bay Co-operative Inc.'s trading area.
  • Graduating from secondary school and attending post-secondary education in the application year OR be attending post-secondary education in the application year and have graduated from secondary school in the previous year.
  • Have high academic achievement in secondary school and shown involvement in extra-curricular and community activities.

Interested applicants mush complete the application form in detail and forward it postmarked no later than August 1, 2021. For more information or to apply please visit

North Wellington Co-operative Services Inc.

For decades, North Wellington Co-operative Services Inc. has been community driven as they aim to provide good quality products and services to their members. As a way to give back to their community, North Wellington Co-operative Services Inc. helps send youth to leadership camps where they can learn important skills and feel empowered. In memory of Gerald Raby, former General Manager of North Wellington Co-operative Services Inc., we have partnered with the co-operative to provide bursaries to four graduating high school students towards their post-secondary education who have demonstrated high academic success and community involvement.


Canadian Self Storage Association (CSSA)

The Canadian Self Storage Association (CSSA) is a collective that is dedicated to its members by providing them with various products and services as well as government representation.  Over many years, the CSSA has been a strong advocate for its members when there are any legislative changes made that can affect the self-storage industry. As members of the CSSA we also have the opportunity to network with fellow self-storage owners and vendors across Canada.

The Ontario Co-operative Association (On Co-op)

The Ontario Co-operative Association (On Co-op) promotes the value of co-operative communities and the effects that they have on the local economy. Thus, On Co-op has developed programs that engage, advocate, develop and educate their members. As an enterprise involved with On Co-op, we are invited to engage with one another at various events and stay connected on different media platforms. Additionally, On Co-op understands the political difficulties surrounding Ontario co-operatives and they work to advocate for their members in provincial regulations and legislation. Lastly, On Co-op believes in providing further education and development for their members whether it is in the form of funding and/or training initiatives.